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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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your children are? ten. >> a not so happy start to spring as snow is coming to parts of our area. i'm antwan lewis. christina has the night off. spring has arrived but apparently mother nature never got the memo. weather advisories are in effect for parts of the tri-state. we have seen snow including right here in this city. >> good evening. the spring season started at 12:30 am but it's not looking anything like it. winter is still holding on over much of the region as we still have snow falling on the radar. it took a little while for snow to reach the surface but it is now falling across tri-state area we do have significant snowflake coming down in new york city. that's also the case out toward the east end of long island and further north toward connecticut
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bit of moisture in the southwest. it's been in the form of rain but as it enters the cold air, it will turn to snow. temperatures have been falling over the last several hours. as far as snowfall amounts, we expect the heaviest out toward the east and long island peer that's where they issued a winter storm warning for the east end of suffolk county and southeastern connecticut. there's a winter weather advisory as well. we are expecting just an inch across the new jersey and hudson valley area. everything should exit quickly as we go through the morning hours tomorrow. >> the other big story, president obama historic visit to cuba. the commander-in-chief arrived
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the first president in nearly 90 years to visit the communist nation. here's more. >> reporter: president obama's arrival in havana is a big deal because of its symbolic significant. a new chapter to a new better relationship that goes back before president obama was even born. on arrival today, a, a new era, a time to build new ties. >> as air force one touched down this afternoon and the president and his family were greeted by a country,q history was made in havana. >> it's a historic visit an historic opportunity to engage with the cuban people and forge deals. building ties between our two peoples and for me, to lay out my vision for a future that's >> reporter: it's been a long was here. it was nearly 90 years ago that arrived on a battleship. the u.s. and cuba are separated
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recently, there has been a great divide. obama's visit comes with optimism for some. >> i think it's very important. it's been almost almost 90 years since a u.s. president has come. >> i think there will be many good changes, a lot of improvement for cuba. whether it's in the economy, tourism or entering the country. >> they put deals in the country 15 months ago to strengthen the diplomatic{ relationships. they toured havana today. the itinerary also included meeting with castro. there was even a little baseball today. cuba is a country undergoing overwhelming change and their both in and outside the country. today ladies in white were demanding better human right conditions on a policy level,
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handling of cuba both in and outside of his party. robert menendez of new jersey, ed democrat and son of cuban immigrants had this to say about the injustices that still remain. >> millions of europeans, canadians, mexicans, latin americans have visited over the last several years and made investments. the system has become more repressive repressive and not free. >> last some of the u.s. and cuba reopen their embassy and earlier this year, the obama administration change trade restrictions between the two countries. >> thank you so much. pope francis leading palm sunday services at the vatican. in marked the beginning of holy week ceremonies leading up to easter. he spoke on what he called the indifference of those unwilling to help refugees fleeing from war-torn regions of the world.
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marking the start of holy week. they marched through the city waiting palm and all of branches. on palm sunday, they celebrate the entry of jesus into jerusalem the week before his death and resurrection. here at home, they were walking near the world trade center and drummers were chanting during the ceremony. jesus is said to traveled into jerusalem on the back of a donkey to start what is now called holy week. as christians observe palm sunday there was reaction to a comment made by john kerry saying christians and other groups being murdered overseas by isis amounted to genocide. here's more. >> reporter: isis atrocity is now labeled genocide. genocide is defined as deliberate killing of a specific group and that's exactly where
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isis is doing to christians and other groups in iraq and syria. on this palm sunday, the beginning of holy week, many in many in attendance at the cathedral were discussing{ the challenges of christians forced to flee their homeland or face certain death. >> you would think that it's a localized issue in the middle east, but it actually affects everybody around the world. it's it's like history repeats itself. >> many christians are hoping the obama administration's use of the word genocide will lead to further action against isis. >> we've gotten to a point that if somebody has to do something about it. i'm not really sure who. i'm a believer that god takes care of everything and everyone. >> although the state department said the label would not necessarily result in any
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the united states, the date department spokesperson also said. >> we hope it will help galvanize communities here at home and abroad. to help us all do more to defeat this group. >> reporter: when a government invokes the label of genocide, diplomatic efforts can be strengthened. the use of the term also enables the united states to request the international criminal court to investigate atrocities committed by isis. reporting from the news "room", fax i've news. >> police are searching for the man who/3 people with a machete in queens. here's what we know. it happened this morning outside this restaurant in jackson heights. the 32 your man was cut on his head and back. a 20-year-old victim was slashed on his wrist in the third victim, 23-year-old man suffered cuts to his head and hand. the suspect is still at large. help is finally on the way to
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on the hudson last week. a crane will arrive tomorrow to lift the 90-foot vessel to the surface. the tugboat crashed into a construction barge last saturday, killing three crewmembers. one man's body is still inside the boat. dozens rallied in the east village to cut funds in education. they will not provide additional funding until it satisfied that the school's response to alleged anti-semitism incidents i can't campus. >> it impacts the number of students i have, the number number of classes i have to teach. it really impacts this riddance and teacher ratio. >> they are investigating the anti-semitism investigation. the countdown to easter has begun. we will go to the oldest church in new york to find the meaning of the holiday.
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plus here's a mouthwatering way one bakery celebrated macaroon day. >> coming up on "sports extra", the next play for the kings.
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>> many of you saw the passion make its live debut right here on fox five. the musical set in new orleans tells the final hours of jesus christ. country singer tricia yearwood is in the film. as christian celebrate holy week, we spoke to the pastor of one of the oldest churches in new york city. here's more on the true meaning of easter christians around the world believe easter marks the day jesus christ rose from the dead dr. michael brown is the senior minister at the collegiate church in lower manhattan. >> what can people who are not
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>> hope. hope is right there. i do not always have to be trapped emotionally and psychologically. >> pastor brown new at just 12 years old he was called to a >> what messages jump out to you when you see the easter story that people that are even secular can take away. >> there's also a more personal psychological meaning that is broader than just the christian community. i think that's the symbolism of the stone rolled back because most people at some point in life feel trapped by something or somebody. the easter message, the
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is hope that you can be brought brought a lot of that that holds you captive. >> even if you're not religious, there are some important lessons we can all learn from easter. do we have to be religious to get that message? >> i don't think so. i serve a higher power and that higher power calls us to be motivated by compassion. >> someone said to me that you can hear a story that you really matter and i don't have to remain forever in whatever situation i'm in at the moment.
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it leaves a powerful message. >> and take a look at this video. a second bald eagle hashing in washington d.c. the first eagle was born friday morning. this eagle started hatching yesterday and emerged around 3:00 a.m. today. the proud parents named mr. president and first lady can already be seen feeding their newborns for the public will soon have their chance to vote on more permanent names. spring is technically here and so is the macy's flower show. the 15 day extravaganza started today at the flagship store. the theme is america the beautiful and features hundreds of thousands of flowers and gardens that evoke different landscapes across the united states. visitors can take a full two were of the exhibit. the flowers will have to share
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be great weather to go check out the show. it will feel more like spring as you go check out the spring flowers at macy's. that's not the case right now. i will show you in just a minute. let's talk temperatures. were a little bit below average with a high temperature of 43 in central central park. we started out at the freezing mark. i was seeing temperatures near ther freezing point at the moment. we have 30s at the north and west and numbers are dropping to the 30s. we will go down to below freezing in many locations across the region as we go through the overnight per the winds are coming out of the northeast. they've been relatively light and breezy at times. they're going to pick up in speeds as this area of low pressure begins to intensify and we could see gusts as high as 25 miles per hour overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. right now it's all about the snow. it's currently making its way across the region. as i pointed out at the top of the newscast we are seeing some heavier bands of snow working across the area around new york city and staten island. that's indicated by the dark or
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a couple of those moving into sessa county. this is where were starting to see the snow come down at a good clip. it could reduce visibility at times. we will see a pile up during the overnight hours. that will all be passing to our southeast. what as it doesn't will intensify and we will see bands of snow through the overnight hour. most of this will happen overnight and much of the area should be clearing out by tomorrow morning. the exception will be long island and connecticut where the snow will linger to the morning commute. you will be heading out in the morning hour. you can see the snow coming down around 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning in some areas. areas of the city westward you should be just fine. new jersey, the hudson valley, your commute should be
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quick slick from leftover snow. things will be much drier and quieter than were starting out for your monday. tuesday we should start with plenty of sunshine. we will see clouds filtering in from time to time. eventually we will see temperatures rise. when it's all said and done we expect the highest snowfall around long island. we could see around 5 inches for some areas but inland who want see much of anything at all. that also includes the hudson valley were were expecting less than an inch of snow. snow in the area overnight. we will have cold temperatures that are dropping through the 20s. tomorrow we will rise back up in the 40s and start out with clouds in the morning across long island peer we will see clearing from west to east. by noon we should break into son. i will be a little bit and you should bundle up. with the wind it will feel more like the 40s. 60 degrees readings returned for wednesday. then we will see our next chance
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it will be in the form of rain and not snow because temperatures will be well above the freezing mark by then. we could see a snowy start across sections of long island. >> back and forth temperatures as well as rain and snow. that's the season.u! >> inc. you. still to come another another wild weekend at the box office. this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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this film took in 38 million, holding first place for a third straight weekend. they've made more than 200 million domestically. rounding out the top five for the faith based miracles from{ heaven and tadpole. apple will announce what's in store for the company tomorrow. >> they're expected to unveil new additions to the current line. so far no hints about big announcements of the apple watch debut. just talk of the smaller version of the ipad and ipad pro. - today is national macaroon day. the macaroon donut is now available in strawberries in crete at these bakeries in new jersey.
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participating bakeries will make a donation to help fight hunger here in the city. >> that's really cool. we have march madness for you tonight. it's quite a be great. highlights from the game. we had a chance to talk to themko, a 50 year photographer at madison square garden. he takes a lot of us behind the scene picks and see a lot of his work.
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we want to take one last look at the forecast. >> it looks like we have snow across the area. it will last through the overnight hours. expect a slick morning commute ". it will be out o f here by time tomorrow. it stays windy and chilly until tuesday. wednesday were back in the 60s and a chance of rain at the end of the week. >> rock 'n roll in march. that doesn't for tonight. i'm antwan lewis. thanks so much for watching.
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tonight. first, let's start with the nba. will phil jackson be back as head coach next year? with the coach the team next year? who will be here? before we talk all that, we will show you{ what they did tonight at home against the kings. they set up the game with carmela having a migraine headache. new york had no answer for demarcus cousins. he did everything. he went the other way for the able layup. he finished with 24 points in 24 rebounds. he even got into it with the security guard. the game final was 88 - @&c @&c%


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